Participate in guided physiotherapy classes in a safe, fun and unique environment.

Back + Core Rehab Group Sessions

What’s involved in group physiotherapy sessions?

Our Back + Core Rehab class program is specially designed and implemented by two physiotherapists, Maggie Sparling and Krista Ross, to educate our clients through an effective and safe exercise program that can give life long results. With the goal of improving posture, improving core stability and strength, as well as keeping you active and helping prevent injury.

Program Structure

The Back + Core Rehab program is 6 weeks in length. Classes are held once a week.  Class sizes are kept small (5 or less) to allow for a smaller physio-to-participant ratio and the classes run 60 minutes in length.

Step by Step

  • The classes take a step-by-step approach, focusing first on mobility; restoring movement to stiff hips and stiff upper backs, and then on strengthening the muscles which support and strong and healthy back.
  • Throughout the program, participants will learn the skills to help them maintain good posture and movement patterns as well as proper core engagement.
  • You will learn self-release and mobilization techniques that will help you transition from rehab to “pre-hab” (re-injury prevention). 

Goal of the program

By the completion of the classes, participants will have learned the fundamental skills and will have acquired the knowledge to manage and prevent back pain over their lifetime.


Investment for the Back + Core program is $270+hst. An initial assessment may also be required.

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is required for anyone who is not already attending physiotherapy.  This one-on-one session will allow you and your therapist to set goals and ensure the program is right for you.  Anyone already attending physiotherapy, please contact your physiotherapist to determine whether or not you are ready for the group sessions.


Group physiotherapy may or may not be covered by your private health insurance. It is advised to contact your insurance provider in advance to determine your coverage. Or get in touch we are happy to help!


To book your initial assessment or register for a class

call: 1 877 755 7166

Already attending physiotherapy?  Please ask your physiotherapist to determine whether or not you need to be re-assessed prior to beginning the program.