Warming socks! A great way to improve your circulation & boost immunity

It's that time of year! Our bodies get a little run down and before you know it, you've got the latest bug that's going around! Our Naturopathic Doctor has an arsenal of tips and tricks to keep you healthy (and to get you better faster!). One of her favorites is a 'Warming sock' treatment (also known as 'Magic socks', or 'Wet socks'!) Sounds less than fun, but it really does work!

Warming Socks! A great way to improve circulation and boost immunity

Warming socks is great for those pesky colds that leave you with sinus congestion or an annoying cough that make sleep difficult. It can also be used as a preventative therapy that you do when you feel something coming on!

You'll need 2 pairs of socks, one thin pair, made of mostly cotton (little ankle gym socks work well), and one thick woolly pair (real wool is ideal, but anything really fluffy should work).

Set the woolly socks by the bed. Get ready for bed as usual, and just before going to bed for the night, soak the thin cotton socks in ice water (or very cold tap water) and ring out the excess well. You don't want the socks dripping wet. They will warm up slightly as you wring them out, but that's ok. Now, get into bed, slip the cold wet socks on, and pull the woolly socks on over top. Get under the covers and sleep like a baby! You'll wake up with dry feet and socks, and you'll likely have had a great night's sleep, sometimes all you need to kick the cold.

Warming socks has been a long time Naturopathic therapy, and while there might not be much published medical literature on the topic, the theory is that the increased blood flow that is contributing to the congestion in your head or chest, is temporarily pulled towards your feet, to warm them up. This allows you to have better sleep, with less waking due to the congestion. Some sources also say that the therapy also helps to boost immune cells to fight off whatever is going on!  

Whatever the mechanism, warming socks is a cheap easy way to get you back to good health! Give it a try!  

Written by:

Erin Balodis MSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor