Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, or if you’re a cancer survivor, having a naturopath on your team can improve your quality of life and survivorship.

Integrative Cancer Support

If you were recently diagnosed with cancer, we will work together to develop a strategy to mitigate the side effects and to improve the efficacy of your conventional treatment plan. We believe that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to mean months of lying on a couch between treatments. Although, it isn’t likely to be a walk in the park, using the right therapies can help to prevent long-term side effects, immediate side effects, and to keep you out and about during treatment.

If you’re a cancer survivor, you have probably been put through the ringer of drugs, radiation, and/or surgery. Afterwards, it is likely that you’re experiencing a range of lingering complications, including brain fog, fatigue, pain, and neuropathy. We can work together to rebuild your physiology so that you can get back to feeling even
better than you did before cancer knocked on your door.

Naturopathic Medicine Can Help

Dr Megan Bernard ND

Dr Megan Bernard ND

Dr Bernard is dedicated to helping you to manage your health during and after treatment and get you back to feeling like yourself.

Utilizing her in depth understanding of naturopathic oncology, Dr Bernard takes a safe and effective approach to helping her patients to thrive after a battle with cancer and improve treatment outcomes.

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