Dr Megan Bernard 

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Megan Bernard is passionate about priming her patients’ biochemistry to optimize their health so that it isn’t holding them back from their ambitions. Using an individualized approach, Dr Bernard works on managing symptoms at the same time as solving the root of the health issue.

With a special interest and a deep
understanding of oncology, Dr Bernard takes a safe and effective approach when administering natural therapies to improve survivorship and mitigate side effects during cancer treatments.

Dr Bernard completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Diagnostic Cytology (the detection and diagnosis of cancer at a cellular level) and a Masters of Pathology at
Dalhousie University. Her Masters thesis investigated the anti-breast cancer and immune system effects of gingerol (a natural extract of ginger). She has also
completed a Doctorate in Naturopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. During her clinical rotation, she received focused training in adjunctive
cancer care on a clinical shift dedicated to patients with a cancer diagnosis.