Our physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you recover from injury, manage chronic conditions and live a more mobile, independent and pain free lifestyle. 

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your physiotherapist will first perform a thorough assessment to determine the nature of your issue. Your therapist will begin by asking a series of questions followed by the appropriate objective tests designed to accurately diagnose the problem.

Depending on your diagnoses your therapist may use manual therapy, stretching, exercise or other treatments to first alleviate your symptoms and then address the underlying issues. Each person is different, so treatment will be designed to fit your precise condition. 

Our therapists take a holistic approach and will take into account many factors in your lifestyle to create the best course of treatment possible.



  • Clothing you can move comfortably in. Tights, sweatpants, shorts, tank tops, or any other clothing that stretches will work. Your therapist will need to see your body, so tighter-fitting clothing is better. You will be barefoot or just in socks, so shoes are not an issue. 


  • A list of your current medication and relevant past medical history 
  • Any medical reports such as previous treatments, diagnoses or imaging (X-ray/MRI reports)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch, we are happy to help. Click here to contact us.