Meghan   ,    Maggie    and    Krista    in our newly renovated space

Meghan, Maggie and Krista in our newly renovated space

Dear Patients,

We have been busy! In the past twelve months our team has grown, we have renovated the space, added new and amazing treatment options (including laser therapy and shockwave therapy), and spent a lot of time focusing on enhancing your experience!

It's also Physiotherapy Month, and to bring more attention to the importance of wellness, we are offering a limited number of FREE consultations! So you, or a family member, can speak to an expert and find out if Physiotherapy can help!

If you or a loved one are living with an injury that just won’t go away, then come see us!

It doesn’t even have to be with us! There are so many dedicated and caring therapists in Halifax that want to help you. So find a therapist you relate to and go see them! We mostly just want to encourage more people to take better care of themselves... We often see patients that have left a pain or condition untreated until it really starts to affect their quality of life...

The truth is, only a tiny fraction of conditions people experience on a day to day basis get treated by physiotherapy; most people rely on pain medications or even (worst case) surgery. Additionally, it is common for individuals to simply ignore it or ‘tough it out’. This often means the condition worsens and prolongs recovery once they finally engage in treatment.

We want to encourage more people to be proactive about their well-being and take care of themselves. In Nova Scotia, physiotherapists are primary care providers, so you don't need a doctors referral to see one (unless stated otherwise by your insurance).

And the best part is - you don't need to pay anything to come in and talk to one of our therapists during Physiotherapy Month! We have a limited number of FREE consultations available, so encourage someone you love (yourself included!) to take care of themselves and find out if physio can help!

Just go here to find a time that works for you:

We hope to see you soon and remember to prioritize your health!


The Agricola Team