Food Fact Friday



Today we're talking about "fast food" that's much healthier than a typical fast food restaurant meal. Bonus: it's often cheaper too!


Try using more beans, peas and lentils! While being a convenient and versatile protein option, other benefits include fibre, B vitamins, iron, and the low fat content. Plus, they're inexpensive! Didn't plan to soak dried beans, peas and lentils‎ overnight? No worries - canned versions are a great option. Just remember to rinse them well in cold water - this removes any excess salt. These are already cooked so they're ready to throw in with your meal.


Depending on your preferences there are lots of ways to get quick carbohydrates. Whether it's crackers, toast, noodles, quinoa or potatoes, carbs tend to be easy to have on hand. Some types of quinoa, oatmeal and rice noodles can be cooked by simply pouring boiled water from your kettle into your bowl and letting it sit.


Try to always have vegetables available which are easy to prepare in a pinch. Don't have time for an extravagant salad? Grab a handful of spinach, top with nuts or seeds and crush up some low-sodium crackers as croutons with a touch of dressing - voila! If you have an extra 10 minutes on grocery days to wash and chop your veggies you'll be rewarded 10-fold for the convenience every other day of the week.

Fast Food for Breakfast:

If you're on the go but need to fuel up first, try a wrap with nut butter, banana, and soy beans. In the mood for something hot? Try an overnight slow-cooker oatmeal with apple slices and almonds.

Not going to be home for a while? Consider a local grocery store or market for your "fast food" break. You can pick up a piece of fruit, pre-cut and washed vegetables, single-serve yogurt, sushi, salads, or other healthy prepared items.

While cooking can seem daunting to some, using basic food items keeps things quick, simple, and budget-friendly.