Two week whole food cleanse w/ Dr. Erin Balodis

The winter is upon us, the holidays are over, and we are back in regular routines. Have you been thinking about those new year's resolutions to get back into a healthy routine??

How about kick-starting it with a 2 week whole food cleanse!

Our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Erin Balodis will provide lists of foods to include and foods to exclude, weekly meal plans, recipes, as well as some simple ways to increase the natural cleansing actions in the body. No need for kits, or special/awful tasting concoctions.

What is a food cleanse, you may be wondering- Basically, giving the body a break by only eating foods that are easy on the system and typically less irritating, or inflammation causing in the body, plus we will be adding ingredients to help increase the natural detox capabilities of the body.

Do I really need to do a cleanse? If you have found yourself thinking that your digestion has not been up to par, you are fatigued, experience intense cravings, have a weakened immune system, take a number of prescription medications, or just want to optimize your health, then you are a candidate for a food cleanse.

How will I feel? Depending on your current diet and state of health, you may feel lower energy, and possibly worse for the first few days of the cleanse. If your body is used to lots of refined sugars, and caffeine to keep it going, then the first few days can be more challenging. However, by the end of the second week, you should expect to feel better! Maybe for you that means better sleep, decreased gas and bloating, less congestion, or increased energy! However you feel, you can rest assured you have done your body a favor!

What exactly will I be eating- healthy delicious whole foods! Basically that means vegetables, fruits, lean meats, healthy fats, high fiber foods. What won't I be eating? No gluten, dairy, added/refined sugar, alcohol, and gasp! caffeine (or at least not in copious quantities). (A more detailed list will be provided).

Are you wondering if you can do it? Of course you can! It is only for two weeks- consider it a challenge for yourself! If the dates don't work with your life schedule, you will always be able to use the information provided and complete the cleanse at a time that is more convenient for you!

Join Erin Balodis, Naturopathic Doctor, Wednesday January  21st, for a 1 1/2 hour seminar on detoxification and cleansing, leaving you inspired to start your 2 week at-home whole foods cleanse. The seminar will include discussion about the reasons for considering a 'cleanse', pros and cons of various cleansing or 'detox' techniques, and how you can safely and effectively enhance your body's own detoxification process.

You will leave the workshop armed with lots of information, a two week meal plan with recipes, and recommendations to stimulate your body’s natural elimination of toxins and rejuvenation process -perfect for the start of a new year. 

Benefits typically include improved digestion, mood, energy, metabolism and immune function, healthy weight change, and decreased inflammation.

Seminar: Wednesday January 21st, 2015,  7:00 pm @ Agricola Holistic Health

Official cleanse dates:  Jan. 26th- Feb 8th (Only 2 weeks!)

How:  All information needed to complete the cleanse will be provided at the seminar. Take a few days to prep, then start your cleanse on Monday January 26th, supported by bi-weekly newsletters and access to Erin during the weeks of the cleanse to answer any questions that may come up along the way. 

Cost: $75.00 per person, receipts will be provided

For more info, or to register, simply email, or call 902.429.1427