12 Week Naturopathic Weight Loss Program

Naturopathic Weight Loss Program


The goal of this program is to empower you with the knowledge of how to lose weight naturally and permanently, as well as educate you on about all factors that impact obtaining a healthy weight. This program is not a crash diet, but rather a challenge to change your lifestyle - however small or large - the life the healthiest life possible.


Three one-on-one consultations with a Naturopathic Doctor

  • Initial: Baseline measurements, weight loss goal calculations, receive program binder to create your own personalized manual.

  • Mid point: Progress check in, discussion of difficulties and hurdles, measurements.

  • Final: Measurements, discussion of any weight maintenance concerns.

A two week guided ‘kick start cleanse’

  • 2 week cleanse, excluding foods like dairy and gluten, as well as refined sugar and processed foods. Detailed list will be provided.

  • Meal plan for 2 weeks, including shopping list and delicious recipes.

Five one hour group seminars covering topics such as:

  • Recognizing proteins, fats & carbs - optimizing the basics.

  • Understanding the importance of cleansing/detox and Liver health.

  • Using supplements to improve your metabolism.

  • Addressing issues such as blood sugar regulation, poor sleep, hormones, and inflammation for long term success.


Start date: March 23rd, 2015.          End date: June 19th, 2015.

Cost: $375.00, paid in three installments of $125.00.

If you have extended health care insurance, you may have coverage for Naturopathic Medicine services that could be used for this program.


Call 902. 429. 1427 to register!